Triple R Recovery Center

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Our Philosophy

Full Recovery

We believe that full recovery is possible for every person with an eating disorder.

Full Nutritional Rehabilitation

We support people in overcoming fear of their unsuppressed bodyweight and reaching full nutritional rehabilitation in a non-judgmental environment.

Neural Rewiring

The process of re-training learned neural pathways and belief systems. We believe every individual with an eating disorder has the capacity to achieve full mental freedom.

Unrestricted Eating

We support and encourage unconditional, unrestricted eating, for life.

Size Diversity

We celebrate all shapes and sizes, and recognise that eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes as well.

State Over Weight

We define an eating disorder, and define recovery status, by mental state, not weight.

Our Approach

Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover!

Triple R Recovery Center is based on Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover!, a book written by Tabitha Farrar. We believe that full recovery is possible for any person with an eating disorder, and our recovery center is an environment where people can focus on nutritional rehabilitation and neural rewiring. 

Unrestricted eating is at the core of what we do here, but we want to make it fun and enjoyable too. Rest, for mind and for body is at the top of the agenda. Our day program is structured around free eating, neural rewiring goals, and the essential component of relaxing, which allows mind and body to recalibrate and consolidate new neural pathways.

Triple R is designed and managed by people who have recovered from eating disorders. This is a model based on the lived experience of hundreds of people in recovery.